ATTN: Artists: Visual Artists Wanted for CD Release Party!!

We are now looking for artists who would like some exposure through our CD Release Party event at Shank Hall on Oct. 14th. We are looking for artists who can create a piece “live” at the event. The piece you create would be related to music… like a painting of a musical instrument, a person playing music, musical notes/symbols, anything with a MUSIC theme! You provide all of your own supplies and easel. You are free to bring one other large piece to this event, or 2 other smaller pieces, but you will need to bring the additional easel or small table to display these pieces. We will not be putting any artwork on the walls of the venue. This will be a gallery-type event, but it will not be set up like a gallery… all the artists need to take care of their own “display” needs for their additional piece(s), like a 2nd easel, or a small table. If you already have music-related pieces to bring as your “additional” piece(s), that is a bonus!! You may sell your work at this event (and you will keep 100% of the proceeds from any sale), and feel free to bring business/promotional cards.

The doors are at 8pm and you would be set up and ready to start your piece at that time, and go until about 9pm, when the supporting act “I’m Not A Pilot” performs. Annie B & the Vagabond Company performs at about 10:30 to close out the night. (The whole thing will probably start a little later if the Brewers make it to Game 5 of the playoffs, which is scheduled for Oct. 14!)

There has been a very active press & radio campaign happening for this event, along with some early Facebook activity (, so we expect a great turnout!

Please e-mail AnnieBBaby at gmail dot com (note there are 2 B’s in a row in this e-mail address!) with a j-peg of your work, or a link to your website, with “ARTIST FOR OCT. 14 EVENT” in the subject line. Space is very limited for this event, so we will be reviewing artists as the submissions come in.

Thanks much!!!!!

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