Annie B Anthology 1997-2010

Anthology Cover Artwork-11at 150dpiThe Annie B Anthology is available EXCLUSIVELY through Pledge Music, a platform used by Annie to raise funds for various projects such as the 2014 Spring Tour, upcoming CDs, and future recording projects/videos/tours. You can purchase this CD through the Pledge Music site when Annie has a campaign up & running. Please join the Annie B mailing list to find out about the next Pledge Music campaign so you can get YOUR copy of the Annie B Anthology 1997-2010. If you already have a copy, feel free to share these photos and info with your friends, but please refrain from making copies of any of the songs on the Anthology to share with friends. The Anthology is meant to be EXCLUSIVE CONTENT only for those who make a pledge for a campaign currently running, and some of the songs on this CD are not available ANYWHERE ELSE except on this CD!

Scroll down to find out more about each & every song & photo on the Annie B Anthology 1997-2010!  Song lyrics and fun facts about the song can be found by clicking on the song title.  All the photos & stories behind them can be found by scrolling further down.

INFO & SPECIAL ANECDOTES (when applicable) ABOUT PHOTOS.  Please feel free to right-click on the photo in your browser and choose “Open link in new tab” or “Open link in new window” to see the original photo found in the archives in proper proportions and size since the photos on this webpage are small.

Mastered by: Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering, Milwaukee, WI

TRACK LISTING (click on song title for lyrics and fun facts about the song!)

From Jaded: Hello, Goodbye (1997)

Recorded in Reno, NV

Band members (other than Annie B):

Chris Maddox – drums

Jeannie Law – guitar

Kevin Schumaker – bass

Carla Giampapa – backing vocals

1. Hey, Mama (Bzdawka)

2. Take the Time (Bzdawka)

3. Don’t Be Afraid (Bzdawka)


From Breather: Sweet Virginity (1999)

(Recorded by Jaded & released as Breather,

and on as Shut Up Marie)

Recorded at Enharmonik Studios, Sacramento, CA

Recording Engineers: Mike Tamony, Chema Salinas

Mixing Engineer: Mike Tamony

Jaded band members on this CD:

Chris Maddox – drums

Bianca Vargas – bass

Ben Renken – guitar

4. Strange Breed (Bzdawka)

5. Endeavor (Bzdawka)

6. You Peel To My Soul (Bzdawka, Vargas)

7. I Lost Everything (Bzdawka)

8. No One (Bzdawka)

9. All Screwed Up (Bzdawka)


From Shut Up Marie: DEMO (2001)

available on iTunes & CDBaby

Recorded in Tarzana, CA by Daniel Ferguson

Band members (at one time or another):

Mark Evangelista – drums

Ken Empie – guitar

Mark Bjorn – bass

Jon Coco – guitar

Kacy Ross (a.k.a. Pete Moss) – bass

Bryan Ferguson – guitar & backing vocals

Shay – guitar

Carrie – guitar

10. Like You (Bzdawka)

11. A.F. (Bzdawka)

12. Leaving Me (Bzdawka)


From Shut Up Marie: Gimmie (2005)

available on iTunes & CDBaby

Recorded in Los Angeles, CA

Band members (at one time or another):

Mark Evangelista – drums

Bryan Ferguson – guitar & backing vocals

Robbie Burns – guitar

Zeke Johnson – guitar

Zoltan Szentkiralyi – drums

Josh Walden – bass

Ethan Startzman – bass

Don Medina – drums

Andrew Pierce – bass

Alex (a guy from Italy) – drums

Steve Braverman – guitar

George Radai – bass

Gene McEwen – drums

Guest appearance by Chris Maddox: Backing vocals on “Always Wasted”

Guest appearance by Steve Chance: Lip trumpet on “Short Bus”

13. Short Bus (Walden, Bzdawka)

14. Always Wasted (Bzdawka)

15. I Can’t Stand (Bzdawka)

16. Happy (Walden, Bzdawka)

17. Borrowed (Bzdawka)

18. Broken (Bzdawka)


UNRELEASED by Shut Up Marie (2006)

Recorded in Los Angeles, CA

19. Cantaloupe (Bzdawka, Braverman)


From Annie B (solo release): The Kiwi Cafe (2010)

Recorded in Los Angeles, CA and Reno, NV

20. The Kiwi Cafe (Bzdawka)

21. The Shining Light (Acoustic) (Bzdawka)


INFO & SPECIAL ANECDOTES (when applicable) ABOUT PHOTOS.  To see the full image, please just click on the photo, or right-click on the photo in your browser and choose “Open link in new tab” or “Open link in new window” to see the original photo found in the archives in proper proportions and size.

In order from left to right, starting with the Cover, then the Inside Panel, then the CD itself, then the Back/Traycard.


ACTION SHOT CD release party-annette19

Photo #1: Shut Up Marie at The Gig (on Melrose Ave., now closed) in Los Angeles sometime around 2004-06.  Some described Shut Up Marie as a “punk-metal” band… similar to early No Doubt but with more of an aggressive hard rock edge.  This photo is a perfect visual manifestation of the “punk-metal” music produced by this band.  Drummer Gene McEwen hated this flowered vest worn by Annie because Gene’s ex-girlfriend had a similar vest.  And don’t mind the drool on Annie’s chin.  She used to spit a lot when singing with a lot of aggression and sometimes it ended up on her chin.  (No lie.)  (This photo has also been endearingly nicknamed “The Uvula Photo”.)

Promo Photo!Photo #2: JADED circa 1998-99 featuring (from left to right) Bianca “Killer Bee” Vargas, Ben Renken, Chris Maddox, and Annie B. This band photo theme with something protruding into the front of the photo like this guy’s head was quite popular at the time. I guess they thought they were pretty cool.




Photo #3: Shut Up Marie in Greater Los Angeles circa 2004-05 at a crazy Halloween-ish venue where they had several life-sized statues of pirates, zombies, and other immortals, along with cages to secure your friends (in case they misbehaved). Annette





The Jennifer SongPhoto #4: A photo taken directly from “The Jennifer Song” video, produced by Bugsy X, and launched on YouTube in 2009.   The male lead is Nick Ramsey, Annie’s partner with Milwaukee Artbeat and Artbeat in the Heat.  The part of Jennifer was played Jennifer Dekorah Lee, and some of Annie’s friends thought that Dekorah Lee was the Jennifer that Annie wrote about in this song (but it’s not)!  “You and Me (The Jennifer Song)” was originally on Shut Up Marie’s “GIMMIE” CD, but it was also re-released on The Kiwi Cafe.


archivesPhoto #5: Article from the Reno News & Review (weekly entertainment paper) January 8, 1997, written by Kelly Lang, highlighting an upcoming show.





jaded logo (new)for Wal tixPhoto #6: The Jaded logo around 1998-99. Their first logo is the same one from the “Hello, Goodbye” CD artwork.



Mark and Annie and BryanPhoto #7: Shut Up Marie around 2002-04. Mark Evangelista on drums, Annie B on vocals, and Bryan Ferguson on guitar. The band didn’t have a bassist at this time.




Shut Up Marie - Annie headshotPhoto #8: A headshot of Annie during the same desert video shoot for the “Raining Like Crazy” video, and other Shut Up Marie promo photos, around 2001-02.  Their manager at the time, Julie Hagen (working for L.A.’s Treasure Entertainment), was able to arrange to get the “Raining Like Crazy” video produced (estimated to be worth about $40,000) at little to no cost.  The band had to pay for gas for the plane, but those were the only expenses.  Part of this video features only 3 band members, while other scenes feature 5 band members… a testament to how long it took to finish shooting and producing this video.  Turns out that “Raining Like Crazy” (from the “DEMO” CD) has stood the test of time.  As of 2014, Annie B & the Complication still plays that song at their live shows, and it was included on their “Live” (from Summerfest) CD (released as Annie B & the Vagabond Company) in 2011.


Sweet Virgnity CoverPhoto #9: Original artwork for the “Sweet Virginity” CD after Annie moved from Seattle to Los Angeles, and before Breather was formed. Her stage name bounced back & forth from Annette Marie to just Annette between 1999 & 2006, and then she changed it to Annie B (around 2005/06). The photo didn’t change on this artwork when the band name Breather came into being.



SUM photo1Photo #10: Shut Up Marie photo used for the inside insert artwork on “Gimmie”. In this photo is the Shut Up Marie lineup at the time “Gimmie” was released (even though not all band members were on the recording): Annie B, Steve Braverman (guitar, backing vocals), Gene McEwen (drums), and George Radai (bass).






Music ConnectionPhoto #11: Breather featured in the Music Connection industry magazine (Los Angeles): Vol. XXIV, No. 08, April 10-23, 2000. You can read the first half of the article by clicking on it, and the rest of the article here! The photo features Annie, and Kacy Ross (a.k.a. Pete Moss) playing bass. You’ll notice how the article mentioned the band playing “Hey, Mama”, a 1997 song from Jaded. She doesn’t very well let songs die… she brings them into her new projects all the time!






Demo CoverPhoto #12: Cover artwork for Shut Up Marie’s “DEMO” CD. The idea was to create the feeling that this was truly a demo, and the parchment paper used for the cover art seemed to deliver that sentiment.




annette1Photo #13: Annie & guitarist Bryan Ferguson with drummer Mark Evangelista in the background, on stage sometime between 2000-2002.







Anthology inside insert-SMALL-ADJUSTEDClick here for inside panel photos!

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