Annie B hits the Homepage of!

Annie’s got a bit of history that you might not know about, and today, another one of her songs hit the homepage on one of the top FREE music/listening sites on the web today:!

Annie has a long history of playing music with different band projects since the mid 90s.  Shut Up Marie, the band she formed while living in Los Angeles, enjoyed moderate success on the Sunset Strip, but Annie became frustrated with the fact that she still could not make a living playing music, even though her band was doing well in the City of Angels.  She left L.A. in 2006 to pursue her career on the road, and brings with her the music that she has created since her first summer of writing songs, some of these songs with former bands, some are from her solo efforts.

Today, pop-punk song “Broken” from Shut Up Marie is getting attention from listeners worldwide!  Click to find out more about this song and about Shut Up Marie, & enjoy this song for yourself!  Visit often for free music all day long!

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