Annie B Anthology Inside Panel Photos

B-Headshot-smaller-DSCF0182--rotatedInside Photo #1: A selection from Annie’s photo session for headshots when she was taking acting classes in L.A… around 2004. There are 3 photos on the Anthology CD artwork where Annie is wearing this flowered vest… she LOVED that vest! She actually wore it out – she wore it until the vinyl back was so baldy torn, she just had to throw it away. Shut Up Marie drummer Gene McEwen hated that vest… he mentioned once to Annie that his ex-girlfriend had a similar vest. Annie didn’t care… she kept wearing it anyway.




Annette in vocal roomInside Photo #2: Annie flipping off the camera during the recording of Jaded’s “Hello, Goodbye” CD.  (Just click on the little box to see it!)




Jaded with KevinInside Photo #3: Jaded: Chris Maddox (drums), Annie B (guitar & vocals), Jeannie Law (guitar & vocals), and Kevin Schumaker (bass). Sometime around 1994-96.



shut up marie promoInside Photo #4: The inside insert photo for Shut Up Marie’s “Demo” CD. Annie sticking her tongue out, Mark Evangelista, and Bryan Ferguson.


Annie at the mic-2Inside Photo #5: Annie with Shut Up Marie at a Sunset Strip show, when she used to wear short pigtails and weird accessories in her hair, like keys and other odd items. In order to get revved up for a show, she would take a shot of tequila and run around the block right before hitting the stage!



promo photo jpg1Inside Photo #6: A headshot of Annie during the same photo session for the Sweet Virginity CD cover photo. Photos by Zen Todd. Noticing Annie wearing an open black top in this photo with her bra showing a little, Todd asked Annie, “Is that really what you want your headshots to look like?”


Eppie'sInside Photo #7: A receipt from Eppie’s in Sacramento during Jaded’s recording of “Sweet Virginity” in 1998. Annie treated the band to a hotel room for the week and splurged for a healthy breakfast at Eppie’s every morning, to ensure a successful workday each LONG day of recording. It made everyone feel like a rockstar!  But they bascially got that whole CD done in a week and were very happy with the recordings.

4-head shotInside Photo #8: Jaded 1998-99: Guitarist Ben Renken, drummer Chris Maddox, bassist Bianca Vargas, and Annie B. This is the band lineup that moved from Reno to Seattle in August, 1998, and had to make one more trip down to Sacramento for the “Sweet Virginity” final mixes. They played about 12 shows/month in Seattle, and then the band broke up in March. Ugh! They were still finishing up mastering “Sweet Virginity” at that time, so they never got to release it before the breakup.

All AccessInside Photo #9: Shut Up Marie featured in All Access Magazine (Oct. 7-20, 2004). The band lineup at this time (as they appear in the first photo): George Radai (bass), Annie B (vocals), Steve Braverman (guitar & vocals), and Don Medina (drums). Annie played guitar during her years with Jaded, and for the first few years with Breather/Shut Up Marie. She put down the guitar and concentrated on only singing until the end of Shut Up Marie in 2006. At that time, she started performing with her guitar again at shows, and ramped up her solo/acoustic career, leaving Los Angeles to try and figure out how to making a living playing music by living in her car and driving around the U.S. looking for gigs & couches.

SUM with JoshInside Photo #10: Shut Up Marie during that same desert video shoot for “Raining Like Crazy”.   In order from left to right: Mark Evangelista (drums), Josh Walden (bass), Annie B (vocals), Robbie Burns (guitar), and Bryan Ferguson (guitar, vocals).




Anthology-Cirlce-smallerClick here for actual CD photos!







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