Annie B Anthology: Back/Traycard Photos

Back Photos:
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SUMartFINALBack Photo #1: Shut Up Marie at the world-famous The Whisky A Go-Go around 2003-04. With Bryan Ferguson on guitar, Mark Evangelista on drums, and Ethan Startzman on bass.




Ken Empie PhotoBack Photo #2: The very first Breather lineup: Ken Empie (guitar), Annie B (guitar & vocals), and Mark Evangelista (drums).



Breather or SUM-not sureBack Photo #3: This was in 2001, so the band name could have been Breather or Shut Up Marie. Band members from left to right: Shay (guitar), Josh Walden (bass), Annie (check out the shiny pants!), I believe the next guy is Bryan Ferguson, but I’m not 100% sure, and Mark Evangelista (drums)! This photo was obviously taken by a photographer named Jim Steinfeldt.


KIWI CAFE COVER #1Back Photo #4: The Kiwi Cafe CD (2010) cover art. Ink pen drawing by Jesse Engelbrecht, who also owns Mania Ink Tattoo Studio & Gallery in Milwaukee. Annie featured his work in the gallery at the very first Milwaukee Artbeat show in 2009, and she loved his work so much that she hired him to do The Kiwi Cafe cover art. He made several drawings and with a little more direction from Annie, came up with this image, and Annie love it! Annie has since purchased all the other pieces he did in his attempts to create The Kiwi Cafe cover, and she hopes to create a display of it that she can share at her solo/acoustic shows.


House PartyBack Photo #5: Shut Up Marie regularly played house parties in Los Angeles, and here’s a photo from one of them! Probably around 2003/04.




NorthwestBack Photo #6: A short blurb about Jaded moving from Reno to Seattle in 1998. This was printed in a Reno arts publication.



Jeannie, Annie and ChrisBack Photo #7: Jaded lineup around 1994-95: Jeannie Law (guitar), Annie (guitar & vocals), and Chris Maddox (drums).




KTXT-croppedBack Photo #8: Annie after an interview on KTXT Texas Tech radio station in 2006/07. Annie was very aggressive about getting radio interviews and press for her shows during those years when she lived in her car. She was able to get quite a few radio interviews all over the U.S. to talk about her upcoming shows.



SUM2Back Photo #9: YET ANOTHER Shut Up Marie photo during that same desert video shoot for “Raining Like Crazy”. In order from left to right: Bryan Ferguson (guitar, vocals), Mark Evangelista (drums), Josh Walden (bass), Annie B (vocals), and Robbie Burns (guitar).



Just_Annette-NEW_POSTER_with_killer_photo_1246413816Back Photo #10: Annie cropped out of a Shut Up Marie photo that was used for an article printed in All Access Magazine (Los Angeles) in 2005. The article was a review for the “Gimmie” CD Release Party, and it mentioned the radio airplay chart action that this CD received. In that photo was Gene McEwen (drums), Annie, and Steve Braverman (guitar & vocals).


C-Headshot-IMG_1457Back Photo #11: From a photo shoot done on a Hollywood rooftop around 2003-04. About the ankh that Annie is wearing: She wore it out somewhere or maybe at a show, and a lady who looked like a homeless person said she really liked it, so Annie took it right off her neck and gave it to the homeless-looking lady.




With KieferBack Photo #12: Kiefer Sutherland, Annie, and Annie’s friend Karen Hyatt at Joya in Beverly Hills in 2001. Hyatt was able to get herself and Annie VIP treatment at Joya one fall evening in 2001 with her Los Angeles connections. Hyatt informed Annie that Sutherland was in the club, and Annie admitted that she’s had a crush on him since she first saw him in Lost Boys.  Annie approached him to tell him she loved him in Lost Boys, and that she thinks he’s pretty great.  Sutherland invited Hyatt’s party to join them at his table, with 2 bodyguards standing by.  Also with them this evening was Julie Hagen (please see Cover Photo #8), who took this photo.  Sutherland seemed very interested in Annie and suggested she went home with him, but Hyatt suggested that they just all go to their respective homes that evening and avoid any complications.  Sutherland gave Annie his phone number after their evening of festivities, insisting that she call him.  Annie called him but had to leave a voicemail.  Sutherland called her back and had to leave her a voicemail.  But the missed calls were not going to cut it, since Sutherland’s big new role as Jack Bauer “24” was launching that same month.  A year or two later, when Annie was working as a radio promoter in Los Angeles, there was a DJ who was really into the new season of “24” coming up that year.  Annie said, “Hey, I’ve got Kiefer’s phone number if you want to interview him about the new season.”  This DJ was floored with that idea, and he called Sutherland and got a nice little phone interview from him.  The next time Annie talked to that DJ on the phone, he was amazed & ever-thankful that he was able to get that interview, and played all of the records Annie sent him after that.

SUMlogo-radical1Back Photo #13: Shut Up Marie logo around 2005-06, designed by George Radai.




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