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CD Photo #1: Annie’s tambo-shoe! When Annie left Los Angeles in 2006, she started playing shows solo/acoustic all over the U.S., living in her car. She wanted to add something to her show & her music, and decided it would be fun to have a tambourine taped to her shoe! This is a curious little part of her solo/acoustic show, since some people don’t see the tambourine at first and wonder where that sound is coming from! Annie has tried many different patterns & colors of duct-tape (you can get all sorts of different patterns at Home Depot,) but her favorite is definitely the checkered pattern!


12-Annie-Lindenfest 2010

CD Photo #2: Annie at Lindenfest in Northern IL playing with a cover band around 2009-10.  Annie’s vocal chops suffered when she was doing her solo/acoustic thing from 2006-08, because not playing with a loud rock band had her singing more softly, and she kind of forgot how to sing with the powerful Rockergrrl voice that she had developed while singing with Shut Up Marie.  She joined a rock band to get her vocal abilities back to where they were, preparing her to assemble her own rock band: Annie B & the Vagabond Company, in 2011.


myself, bo and artCD Photo #3: Annie B, with GoMusic Network’s Bo & Art, the producers of “Live on Sunset”, a TV program showcasing bands on the Sunset Strip. Annie was hired to host the show and interview the bands when they started shooting in 2006, even though she was no longer living in L.A.  The plan was for her to fly back to L.A. to serve as the show host for as long as she could.  There were contracts for this show to be aired in Europe & Japan, and negotiations for U.S. airing, but the show never got off the ground since there was no budget to pay for the cameramen & expensive editing time.  Wanna get a taste?  The trailer for this show is on YouTube!


Rock City News Nov99CD Photo #4: Rock City News (Los Angeles) write-up for Breather for perhaps their first appearance in Los Angeles in 1999.  Annie worked very hard to garner interest from radio folks and press people, and she was able to get the support of Rock City News writer Johnny Best quickly after moving to L.A.  Annie was able to get many articles written for Breather & for Shut Up Marie, but she’d heard so many horror stories about bands who “got screwed over” by record labels, that she never aggressively sought out a record deal.  She wanted to wait and just keep working hard until she had enough clout that the labels would come after her, or until she was in a position that she’d be better off without a record deal.


SUMpromoCD Photo #5: Shut Up Marie in 2005 at the same photo shoot for the “Gimmie” CD artwork: George Radai (bass), Gene McEwen (drums), Annie B (vocals), and Steve Braverman (guitar & vocals).




At the Viper RoomCD Photo #6: Shut Up Marie at the Viper Room around 2004-05. George Radai on bass, Don Medina on drums, Annie B on vocals, and Steve Braverman on guitar & vocals. This photo is by Oliver Rossberg, a musician & photographer friend of Annie.


Picture 71CD Photo #7: Annie on stage sometime between 2000-02.



GuitarsCD Photo #8: Jaded 1998-99: Ben Renken (guitar), Bianca Vargas (bass), Annie B (guitar & vocals), and Chris Maddox (drums).


Austin's Fuel RoomCD Photo #9: Annie on stage with her Chicagoland cover band around 2009-10 at Austin’s Fuel Room (Chicago). Other band members: Russ Katzenmaier, Phil Kwiek, Mike Poulsen, Dave Saam, and Aubrey Smith.


Live at teh Viper Room CD coverCD Photo #10: Cover artwork for Shut Up Marie: “Live at the Viper Room” (2005). Why no songs from this CD on the Anthology? Not sure… but if you’re interested in getting a copy of this really cool CD, e-mail Annie at (note there are 2 B’s in a row, 3 Bs total in that e-mail address)!!!


Raining Like Crazy photoCD Photo #11: Another Shut Up Marie photo during that same desert video shoot for “Raining Like Crazy”. In order from left to right: Robbie Burns (guitar), Annie B, Bryan Ferguson (guitar, vocals), Mark Evangelista (drums), and Josh Walden (bass).


Annie as AxlCD Photo #12: Annie played the part of Axl Rose in a GnR tribute band sometime between 2009-2011. She started out with the role of Izzy Stradlin, and then when the guy who was playing Axl left the project, Annie moved over to that spot. She was in a tight situation when the band needed a last-minute drummer at a gig, and wondered if she should call Annie B & the Vagabond Company’s new drummer Dave Johnson. She feared the band would want to steal Dave away from the Vagabond Company, but she called him to do the last-minute gig anyway, knowing Johnson would be able to nail those songs even though he probably never played most of them before. The show went off without a hitch and they loved Dave and eventually ended up stealing him anyway, but by that time, Annie was already in the mode of looking for a touring drummer (she was getting ready for her 2014 Spring Tour, which is what the original Pledge Music campaign was all about). So everything worked out!


Gimme coverCD Photo #13: Cover art for Shut Up Marie: “Gimmie” (2005). The band was having difficulty trying to come up with a concept for the album art, but Annie knew she wanted to hire Los Angeles visual artist Kathleen King after seeing King’s portfolio. This image was part of her portfolio, and Annie loved it. So, after a few conversations with King about what to do for the CD cover art, Annie asked if they could just use this image of the mouth with the pearls, since it seemed to have the perfect vibe for the Gimmie CD. Kathleen said it was not a problem, and that’s how they ended up with this image. Annie paid a pretty penny for this artwork, but she felt it was totally worth it. The word “Gimmie” was added later, on the last pearl in the photo.





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