Ann Wilson meets Alanis?!

Last Friday’s show was a smash with lots of love for Grammy-worthy traditional folk duo Andina and Rich… their penetrating harmonies, fun-loving style, & witty anecdotes brought smiles & laughs all around!

Annie’s exhilarating performance featured special guest Todd Pearson on his Parker Fly.

Sandy Andina gave Annie an amazing review: “Her voice sounds like a cross between Ann Wilson [of Heart] and Alanis Morisette!” (WOW! Thanks, Sandy… that’s quite the compliment!)

Congratulations to John Reilly who won the colorful sports/tote bag giveaway from Boutique Vieux et Nouveau!

Local noteworthy singer/songwriter Roxie Beane made an appearance for Annie’s performance… as did Rick Rand of Arrival Records!

Enjoy these photos of Friday’s opening act Andina and Rich:

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