Always Wasted



I know you want something from me

You take further lengths to tell me

I can count them, one, two, three

And now you’re breathing up all my air

Cuz you don’t care, no you don’t care about me


You’re always wanted, what you trying to tell me
(I give it to you and you give it back to me)
You’re always trying something, trying behind me

(I give it to you and you give it back to me)

You’re always winding, winding up above me

(Always winding ‘round & ‘round me)
But you’re too scared cuz you don’t know what I know

You’re sucking the life outta’ me/You don’t give a fuck about me


I have given all you ask of me

I gave, but you don’t stop asking me

Feeling danger down to my knees

And now you got me locked up here, taking me prisoner

What’s you gonna do to me


I’m now always only aching

I can’t stand when you’re not by me



This is a song about one of Annie’s ex-boyfriends.  She wanted a really punk-ass-sounding backing vocal for the call-and-response parts during the chorus, and Annie felt that former Jaded drummer Chris Maddox’s voice would be perfect for the part. (He’s NOT the guy this song is about.)  Chris had moved down to Los Angeles, and Annie & Chris had become friends again.  He was happy to contribute his vocal abilities to this song.

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