ABVC is the January 2012 WAMI Featured Artist!

The Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) is what lots of industry folks consider as the “Grammy” organization of WI.

Here’s a little commentary from Michael McGinley, WAMI President:
“Part of the wonderment of the Milwaukee Music Scene is how it continues to feature a robust talent pool that resists what seems to occur elsewhere — which is the rubbing off of resident styles on one another to a degree that the place is emblematic of a sound and vice-versa. Milwaukee has always been the kind of place where we see few reasons to be like anybody else including those closest to us. Today, amongst another generation of close-knit artists in our City is one, Annie B. who exemplifies the bandwidth of our artists and fans. She is doing it her way, and we are buying into her clever pop-hooks, deconstructed and made raw with what seems nearly a sense of disdain for the process of making music itself, and her lyrics that give us a delicious feeling of accidentally peeking into our best friend’s diary.”

WAMI is a volunteer organization whose purpose is to educate and recognize the achievements and accomplishments of individuals in the Wisconsin music industry. Since 1980, WAMI has worked to improve communication and interaction among members, present awards to honor and celebrate the accomplishments of the Wisconsin music industry, produce music industry/music business seminars and workshops, accumulate information for use within a comprehensive Wisconsin music industry directory, partner with other Wisconsin-based organizations with a shared mission, and encourage, promote and educate musicians.

ABVC is honored to be the January 2012 WAMI Featured Band! Thanks for having us, WAMI!!!

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