WAMI Award-nominated singer, award-winning video producer, NARAS member (voting), & rock vixen Annie B. has become a powerful staple on the Milwaukee & Southeastern WI music scene. Annie stands out among over 1,000 female singers in Wisconsin, as she was nominated Female Vocalist for a WAMI Award, and Shepherd Express Female Vocalist Award.  Other WAMI nominations include Best Pop Band, Best Pop Song, Album of the Year, and Best Singer/Songwriter.

Songs offered by Annie B reflect notions learned throughout the journey of an artist… that life is short, so enjoy every moment, that the journey is really more important than the destination, giving hope to each listener that they will find their own inner peace. Your journey as an audience member will encompass an array of emotion and movement, creating earworms with undeniable pop hooks while at the same time, making you want to start up your own mosh pit, with driving guitar rhythms and in-your-face vocal power.  Annie is also known for her delivery of tasty solo/acoustic music… where she lets her sultry side come out, and the wine is flowing!

Annie started her career out on the West Coast. She moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and headlined L.A.’s best clubs with her band Shut Up Marie for 7 years. S.U.M. picked up college & commercial radio airplay all over the U.S. & appeared in national airplay charts including CMJ and FMQB, being heard on numerous radio stations from New York to L.A. with their 2 CD releases DEMO (2001) & Gimmie (2005).  She relocated to Milwaukee in 2008, and has been since building on that momentum with her new band.

Notable appearances include various summer concert series & festivals such as Summerfest & Port Fish Day, numerous television, radio, and press highlights for the her band including Annie’s cover/feature in HERLIFE Magazine, and debut CD Fancies of a Random Heart garnering airplay all over the state.

The band is also making a big splash on YouTube, with currently close to 20,000+ views for “The Jennifer Song” and over 145,000+ views for “Over Me“!  This is quite the accomplishment according to Diana Lopez of Diana Lopez PR, who works with artists to help get them into European markets.  Research on YouTube views suggests that less than 1/3 of 1% of all YouTube videos achieve 10,000 views or more.  This places these videos in top positions over millions/billions of YouTube videos!

Annie enjoys the Milwaukee scene and all it has to offer, while making her own contributions to our local music AND art scene. She started hosting live events & shows while in Los Angeles; she hosted numerous music productions including “Live on Sunset”, produced by Go Music Network.  Just prior to her move, in 1998, she won the Western Access Video Excellence (W.A.V.E.) Award for a program she created educating young people about dating and domestic violence.

Witness Annie singing our national anthem on Dec. 31, 2010, where she sang the anthem for 5,200 people before the Milwaukee Wave game at the U.S. Cellular Arena. “One of my most exciting career goals is to sing our anthem before the Superbowl someday… hopefully with the Packers in the game!”

FUN FACT for Metallica fans:  Annie’s vocals are featured on “Puppet Masters”, a Metallica tribute CD available online via Best Buy & other big chains.  Her lead vocals are heard on a track that also features Tony Franklin on bass (Kenny Wayne Shepherd, The FIRM), Chris Poland on lead guitar (formerly of Megadeth), and Gene McEwen on drums (Armed Forces, Steel Prophet, Takara).



“Part of the wonderment of the Milwaukee Music Scene is how it continues to feature a robust talent pool that resists what seems to occur elsewhere — which is the rubbing off of resident styles on one another to a degree that the place is emblematic of a sound and vice-versa. Milwaukee has always been the kind of place where we see few reasons to be like anybody else including those closest to us. Today, amongst another generation of close-knit artists in our City is one, Annie B. who exemplifies the bandwidth of our artists and fans. She is doing it her way, and we are buying into her clever pop-hooks, deconstructed and made raw with what seems nearly a sense of disdain for the process of making music itself, and her lyrics that give us a delicious feeling of accidentally peeking into our best friend’s diary.”
-Michael McGinley, WAMI President

“I had the pleasure of viewing the Annie’s performance at the 2011 SRIM Festival held annually at The Brat Stop. Despite 40 bands performing over 2 nights this band really stood out. Their sound was superb and by the time they were finished I was left wanting more. Highly recommended to those in need of an original, high energy rock sound, that puts on a great show as well!”
-Nick Klein
GM and Entertainment Organizer
The Brat Stop

“I just saw Annie at the Casablanca street party, and she was AWESOME!”
-Ian Abston
Bradford Beach Jam

“Annie B personifies professionalism. Great stage presence, fantastic voice, cool songs and easy to work with.”
-Zoy Begos, ZandR Entertainment

“Having Annie B. play at our reception truly made it an exciting artistic destination for visitors.  Those who came to the gallery had the opportunity to experience outstanding local visual art as well as performance art.  We were very lucky to have her take part in the event and I hope our  organization  can collaborate with her again in the future.”
– Alisyn Kay, Milwaukee Plein Air Director

“Our non-profit organization hired Annie B. to play at our opening event and she was terrific! What an asset to encourage our holiday shoppers to hang out, sing along to her holiday tunes, and have a really fun shopping experience. I for one marveled at the beauty of her singing, and everyone loved her original songs. We couldn’t have been happier with her fantastic performance! Thanks for making our event one to remember!”
-Jessica Poor, Planning and Events Coordinator M.A.R.N.

“Annie is an amazing performer and songwriter. She has the whole package: talent, good looks, serious vocal chops, range, experience, and business sense, You are not likely to find a more committed, energetic, or professional collaborator anywhere. She writes great material, has an excellent ear for music and arranging, and on stage is dynamic and charismatic, and really knows how to relate to an audience and hook them into the music with her passion and flair. Some people aspire to become a rock star, but Annie was born to be one, and all she needs is that lucky break. Take a chance on her and she’ll make you LOTS of money–I would stake my reputation on it.”
– George Radai, Deep End Productions, Los Angeles

“Annie B. is a Harley-Davidson Museum favorite.  Her acoustic performances at Motor Bar & Restaurant are crowd favorites.  This holiday season we discovered another of Annie B.’s talents – her diversity.  When asked to perform at our Holiday Site Lighting event, Annie pulled together some great holiday classics adding her own personal style and soul to make the event truly special for our customers.”
-Karen Buschman
Harley-Davidson Museum
Special Events Planner


“The Kiwi Cafe” – (2010) “A passionate collection… bare-boned songs [that] expose the root of genuine storytelling.  Life, love, and existence.” (Review by Rush Mor Records, Milwaukee)

“Annie B.” (2006) A mixture of 6 solo/acoustic songs and 6 songs from Annie’s band, Shut Up Marie.  Available now at www.cdbaby.com/cd/anniebmusic

“Gimmie” – 2005 Shut Up Marie full-length release:  Charted on FMQB airplay chart: Top 10 Single (Short Bus), Top 10 Album, Top 25 for 4 weeks in a row on both Singles & Albums charts.  Available at iTunes.

“Live at The Viper Room” (live Shut Up Marie performance from October, 2004 at the World-Famous Viper Room)!

“DEMO” Shut Up Marie: 4-song EP (2001): Charted on CMJ and Album Network airplay charts!  Available at iTunes.

“Sweet Virginity” Shut Up Marie (1999): Charted on Mp3.com airplay chart!

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