A. F.


I have always thought that we had something special

So special, yeah

I have always believed what we had was real

Oh, so real


There’s come a time, there’s come a place

I’ve come to be in an unhappy space, well

I lost control, I don’t know how

I look at you and I just break down


Seems I’m always short, never good enough

No, no, no, no, no

Seems I’ve always got something to prove
I live like this, so quietly

I could never, ever just be free, well,

A wall of fear, anxiety

When I see you, that is what I see


Constant lack of satisfaction (x4)


Timid I was not, until I met you


Hey, I slowly fade to insanity

I aquiesce to mediocrity, well

Do you care, or do you see

Exactly how you condone slavery


Constant lack of satisfaction (x4)


This song was brought to the band by Shay.  He wrote the guitar licks and thought it would be a great song for Breather.  Shay didn’t want a lot of people to know his last name, so he just went as “Shay”.  Annie is such a stupid flake sometimes that she kept calling him”Shane” for quite some time after Shay first joined the band.  She finally got his name right at some point.  The loud “Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah”s were Shay’s idea.  Annie originally wrote a lyric which was to be sung at those spots in the song, but the lyric just didn’t work.  Shay suggested Annie just “did her thing” with some loud scream-like vocals, and it stuck!  BTW, A.F. stands for exactly what you think it stands for!

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