Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 38

Here’s the skinny: I have been working on Milwaukee Artbeat for 6 weeks now, and that’s why I have not been blogging recently. The event was last week Friday, and it really went over well. Had to get this event organized and I’m glad I did! It was a huge success and I’ll be doing it all over again in July. I wish there was more about it online, but there’s just not. However, you can read all about it in the previews that have been published:

In the Shepherd Express!!
In the Bay View Compass!! Twice!!, &

Had about 100 people show up and was able to make a modest donation to Express Yourself Milwaukee ( Did not make any money after that, but I spent close to $1000, so, to make my money back, have money to make a donation, and not actually lose money, well, that’s pretty amazing! Ready to start planning the July ARTBEAT!!!

As far as my trip to CA, I have a good start on gigs lined up, and I need to work on that from now until I leave. This, an addition to doing my taxes and my parents’ taxes. I hope I can get it all done, but I have found that my ablity to stay sober has really been coming in handy when it comes to getting everything done I want to get done.

I actually FINALLY put some pictures up on my walls tonight. I have been living here for about 8 months. I got some flowers from my boyfriend last Friday (to help create some good energy on ARTBEAT Day) and those are looking great. Doing what I can to create in my life and living space some good juju and feng shui.

Did get some bad news about a friend, my ex, in fact. He lost his very good job. I tried to get a hold of him and since he had a company phone, computer, and car, no one could get a hold of him. He ended up in rehab and hopefully he can learn to stay sober, but I can tell you, I know how hard it is. I do, I really do.

Today I was able to get posters e-mailed to a venue in Des Moines, I moved all the stuff that needed to be moved back after the ARTBEAT show on Friday (that was a TASK,) delivered a throne to a musician who left it at the venue on Friday, I got both my acoustic guitars fixed, and that’s a load off… my new Taylor has had this rattle (I just bought it last fall)! The amazing guy at Cream City Music really did a great job. Got all my Thank You’s out for ARTBEAT supporters/helpers, started working on the press release for the success of Artbeat, and got the new cover art going for The Kiwi Cafe CD. I received some good feedback & suggestions on how to make Artbeat even better next time, and those need to be filed. One of my biggest problems is my lack of organiation. Too many papers, too many things pending, not enough prioritization. It makes it difficult for me sometimes when I am looking for a paper I knew I wrote something on, and it takes a few minutes (or longer) to locate it. I wish I had a better system in place. I guess that’s how my brain works. No real method to the madness, but somehow an effective madness.

How can I get organized? I could make a public statement to you all about spending 1 hour a day organizing, and report back to you on a regular basis, until this place is organized. Might not work 100%, but I bet it would help.

OK, I am making a public statement: I will spend an hour a day organizing all this stuff until it’s completely organized. (When I am home, of course.) Did I spend an hour today? Not yet. Can I spend an hour right now? You bet. See you in an hour.

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